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Hexagonal Mesh Galvanized Chicken Wire Fence

Hexagonal wire mesh also called chicken wire, rabbit wire, poultry wire. Made by low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, PVC coated wire. It is also used as Fence for Poultry Cage, Fishing, Garden and Children playground, etc.

Meterials Options
High quality low carbon steel wire, brass wire, copper wire, stainless steel wire.

Weaving: normal twist, reverse twist, double twist.

Surface Treatment Options:
Electro galvanized before weaving
Electro galvanized after weaving
Hot dipped galvanized before weaving
Hot dipped galvanized after weaving
PVC Coated hexagonal wire mesh
Galvanized redrawn Iron hexagonal mesh
Stainless steel hexagonal wire mesh

Packing Options:
Shrink film+ label (customer’s logo is ok )
Water-proof paper+ shrink film+ label
Water-proof paper+ shrink film+label, then incardboard carton
Water-proof paper+ shrink film+label, then in pallet.

Hexagonal Wire Net Size Options

Specifications Twistable Wire Diameter Twistable Width
Mesh (inch) Size No(mm) Limit Error British System No Metric System Wire Diameter British System Metric System
3/8" 10 +0.5 BWG 27-23 0.41-0.64mm 1'-6' 0.1-2m
1/2" 13 -1.5 BWG 27-22 0.41-0.71mm 1'-6' 0.1-2m
5/8" 16 +1.0/-2.0 BWG 27-22 0.41-0.71mm 1'-6' 0.1-2m
3/4" 19 +1.0/-2.5 BWG 26-20 0.46-0.89mm 1'-6' 0.1-2m
1" 25 +1.5 BWG 25-29 0.51-1.07mm 1'-6' 0.1-2m
1.25" 31 -3.0 BWG 24-18 0.56-1.24mm 1'-6' 0.2-2m
1.5" 40 +2.0/-4.0 BWG 23-16 0.64-1.65mm 1'-6' 0.2-2m
2" 51 +2.0/-4.0 BWG 22-14 0.71-2.11mm 1'-6' 0.2-2m
3" 76 +2.0/-4.0 BWG 21-14 0.81-2.11mm 1'-6' 0.3-2m
4" 100 +2.0/-4.0 BWG 20-12 0.89-2.8mm 1'-6' 0.5-2m
          Customers specific requirements considered.

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