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Round Tube Framed Temporary Fencing for Public Work Security

Park Project Security Fencing with Round Tube Frame, Portable Temp Public Work Panels

Fence Height: 2m
Panel Width: 3m or custom
Wire and Frame Tube: 33 mm dia, 2mm hot dip galvanized pipe
Mesh opening 250x50 mm
Welded Mesh 3mm, GI wire
Base: 240x130x550 mm PVC base fill with concrete.
Additional accessories : clamp
Frame Tube Options: Round tube, square tube.
Finishes can be Galvanized; Vinyl coated; PVC coated.

Tube Framed Welded Mesh Fence
Steel tubing allows for easy stacking of lighter gauge welded mesh in installation and uses.

Temporary public security fencing with round steel tube frame.

Temporary fence for Public security check area or warehousing logistics storage